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The choice of hair straightener

Brand: at present the brand of household straightener that is being sold on the market is very much, quality also is jagged, because this everybody is good, the high grade product that the word of mouth that should pay close attention to a brand when implement of straightener of choose and buy is good, quality passes the bar is good. If the choice is not good or buy fake appliances, consumer safety is also a great threat. The proposal wants to buy the product of the manufacturer that has registered trademark formally.

Certification: the biggest problem in purchasing is safety, since the most commonly used hair straightener is an ac power supply product. The guarantee of safety is certification. All the certified products have been tested by authoritative institutions and are in line with safety standards.

12. The PNG

In the purchase of hair straightener, should pay attention to the appearance of hair straightener, mainly have the following aspects:

A. whether the appearance modeling is fashionable and whether the handle modeling is easy to grasp and use;

B. whether the color of the plastic part of the product is uniform;

C. whether there is serious odor outside the product;

D. whether the parts and joints of the product are smooth, delicate and free from burrs; E. Whether the hair straightener is flexible and in place when opening and closing without sticking;

F. Whether relevant accessories are complete and intact;

G. Whether the wire part is broken or damaged, etc

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