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What kind of hair dryer is less harmful to your hair

Attention power number

The higher the power, the higher the temperature and speed of the blower. It's that simple. Low-power hair dryers grill your hair at high temperatures to evaporate moisture from your hair, making it even drier. High-power hair dryers, which draw moisture through the hair with a blast of wind, can quickly dry the hair and minimize damage. Professional stylists generally recommend hair dryers above 1800 watts for maximum drying speed.

Ions are important

When it comes to speed, ionic hair dryers are important because they increase the speed of dry hair by 70%. They also make hair softer. "Anions work by helping to absorb moisture from your hair, so this hair dryer doesn't need to be very hot. Since you don't need a very hot temperature, your hair will also be protected from damage. Urban explains.

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Blow in a particular direction

If you want to blow your hair silky and silky, remember to blow your hair dryer in the direction of the scales. Hair scales grow and close in the direction of the ends, meaning that your hair dryer blows from the top down. Blowback causes the scales to open and the hair to feel rough to the touch. On the other hand, if you want loose hair, bend down and pull all the hair forward, then use a blow-dryer to work against it and comb through it with a flat comb.

Different styles for different wind mouth

Most hair dryers have two types of nozzles. The utility model discloses a flat head air collecting nozzle which can blow out long silky straight hair, and a rolling comb which can blow out soft wavy curls. Another round hood is suitable for curly hair that has been ironed, and can keep the curl and looseness of curly hair.

Don't use a hair dryer when your hair is hot and wet

Before using a hair dryer, dry your hair as much as possible by wrapping it in a absorbent towel or towel to allow it to absorb moisture. Don't rub your hair with a bath towel or dry hair towel, as it may cause hair damage. A bath towel or dry hair towel will absorb a lot of moisture from your hair, so when you remove the dry hair towel, there won't be much work left. When you start using a hair dryer, brush your hair with your fingers and let it dry as much as possible. Never use a comb at this time. Never use a comb unless 80-90% of your hair is dry.


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